Being 'Sustainable Concious'

Our goal is the establishment of our own brand, providing products and service considering the quality of life.


The project builds a way of life with good, healthy spirit.


LIFEMAGIC is still young but there were two things that we owned and became familiar with before we started the project.


1. Our farm.
We rented our farm from a local farmer in Kanagawa Prefecture on the Miura Peninsula, starting farm operations in the Winter of 2007. The small farm was only 890 ft2 (82m2) but we discovered that a greater variety of vegetables could grow throughout the year than we expected and there was a much more abundant harvest than a single family could consume. When we were producing food with our own hands facing nature, our minds and bodies experienced the richness of nature.  The smell of the energy-richness of the green world in the fresh, crisp air of the early morning on the farm gave us comfort. Each word from the farmer we befriended let us feel the abyss of accumulated knowledge and the reason of nature and to share the energy of the earth.


2. Our cottage.
Around the time we rented the farm on the Miura Peninsula we built a small cottage on a mountain in Kawakami Village in Nagano. That was not only a really thrilling place surrounded by the grandeur of nature but was a place lacking in modern conveniences with no electricity or tap water. Light comes from a lantern, warmth from a wood-burning stove and water from the creek nearby.


We escaped from the city and spent some time there at first, but we didn’t know what to do and were frustrated with various inconveniences and many troubles. But these stresses gradually disappeared, because we had a sense of how to eliminate the inconveniences and new ideas came up. Things that are not clear in living an urban life became clear there. For example, we learned which things must be done while it is still light, and which things can be done at night. Or which things we must have, which things are convenient to have, which things are ok not to have… although these are small things, the mechanism of life and making new discoveries give rise to miraculous confidence and satisfaction.


The time we spend at the cottage is a time to deliberate on “richness”. We will create rich and luxurious products from our experience there that will fit with an urban lifestyle while at the same time allowing urban dwellers to feel nature in their lives.


In the Summer of 2009 we wanted to redefine “richness” and produce our product for various scenes of life with the energy (life force) and the wisdom that the earth creates ------ With those hopes we started LIFEMAGIC.


The 3.11 earthquake disaster strongly shook people’s hearts in Japan and caused them to realize that things naturally promised to them in everyday life are so fragile and empty. Accordingly, the discussion of the quality of life will move to a different dimension.


LIFEMAGIC wishes to grow gracefully and in a refined manner with the blessings of the nature and thanks to encounters with the people who know nature best.


Feel the soil, live a little closer to the earth.